22 Jul

Before understanding and analysing an executive search firm's working style and procedure, it's crucial to have a brief sneak peek at the executive search. It is a specialised type of recruitment organised by a company to recruit highly skilled senior management talent for strategically filling significant positions, including CEO, CFO, COO, HRD, and CIO. Recruitment for junior roles and talent differs from the executive search as an organisation prefers a recruitment consultancy on a contingency basis while looking for middle or lower-management employees. The executive search firm primarily focuses on preparing a high-level senior leadership team that is made up of the best people, on the other hand, contingency recruitment works for filling many roles in an organisation that diverts their attention from focusing on top management hiring. If you want a perfect match that serves both the parties- the role and the company, then the executive search firm is the optimum choice as it keeps a keen eye on the available candidates who are actively looking for job opportunities. 

executive search

Executive search includes working with a third party. It is relationship driven, which means working closely with the company to understand the requirements and demands of the role deeply. They also offer the most effective strategy to ensure the delivery of the most suitable talent. They work with a research-led approach, which leads to carrying out extensive market mapping to analyse the marketplace and benchmark for skills/roles and salaries.

This relationship-driven approach involves five key elements:

  • Setting search priorities explicitly 

The executive search firm determines the required skills, knowledge, and abilities, offering insight and fresh perspectives on how the organisation can think about their needs. They develop a customized brief for the position alongside a candidate specification that details the company, the role, responsibilities, goals, and critical challenges for the job position, as well as the qualifications, experience and competencies required for success.

  • Deciding and determining the search strategy

They conduct targeted research into companies and sectors to find people with the relevant skills, experience, and qualifications. Along with this, they offer a long list of the best-qualified prospects for the role. Executive search preceded with next step by contacting the candidates to identify and qualify them for the position.

  •  Evaluate and attract candidates

The next step is to approach potential candidates to test their interest in the role so that they can ensure suitable recruitment. Then they conduct rigorous competency-based and technical interviews with the selected candidates based on the knowledge, proven skills, abilities, and aptitudes outlined for the position specification. The ending of this step results in developing a shortlist of candidates with the qualifications and interest in the position.

  • Picking the most qualified candidates for the final interview

The executive research firm's responsibility is to present the organisation with the most qualified candidates based on analysis and appraisal against the specification. They prefer to draw on informal external views on each candidate to confirm and enhance knowledge of the candidate's achievements and track record. And to measure the performing capabilities of an individual, they conduct performance capabilities assessments.

  • Ending the search

Once the organisation selects their preferred candidate through profound research and conducts thorough background checks and references to further assess competencies, strengths and weaknesses, then the role of the executive research firm ends. But they keep assisting in negotiating compensation and other terms to help conclude the search by ensuring clear communication regularly with the organisation and shortlisting the field during the transition. Moving onwards, they periodically follow up with the organisation and the candidate once the search is closed, checking in on the ongoing fit and progress of the transition.

The executive search process can be long and tedious, but GlobalHunt, IT Staffing Agency India can make it easy for your company as, with every step, they ensure that the clients get exactly what they are looking for without hindering their work processes. 

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